Membership Fees & Line Fees

Membership Fees

Club membership fees are payable subject to completion of a Beginners Course or membership assessment and are as follows:

Seniors: £120 annually or a monthly standing order for £10

Juniors: £30 annually or a monthly standing order for £2.50

Visiting Archers

If you are an Archery GB affiliated archer and would like to shoot as a visitor, please contact us to ensure we can accommodate you.

Visiting archers pay £3 per person line fees for each session attended.

Archery GB and Affiliation Fees

Membership of Archery GB is compulsory and due September every year. In addition everyone must pay County and Regional Affiliation Fees. If you are a new member and join later in the year Archery GB fees are pro-rata*.  You will not be allowed to shoot until you have paid your Archery GB fees as this is your insurance cover.

For fees for the remainder of this year until September 30th, please contact us.

Fees for renewing members 2020-2021 (if paid before 30th September 2020)

Full YearOct 20 to Sept 21
 <1818 -2525+Disabled