Club Handicap Scheme 2017

Any DCA member who wishes to participate in the club handicap scheme ’17 should submit their 3 best scores from recognised outdoor rounds (as detailed in Archery GB’s ‘Rules of Shooting’) and/or 252 attempts to between now and July 2nd.  Each score will be converted to a handicap between 0 and 100 and the three averaged to provide each archer’s handicap.  More than three scores may be submitted and the handicap will be taken from the best three.

The handicap is then converted to an allowance for a recognised round, which is added to the score achieved.  If an archer shoots exactly to their handicap, they will total 1440 for any given round.

The club end of season shoot will take place in September and will be run as a handicap shoot.  This means that a novice, junior, longbow archer has just as much chance of winning as the most experienced senior compound.

The handicap scheme is a great leveller and allows everyone to compete together, regardless of bowtype, age, gender, ability or experience – it’s all about improvement!