Sport Relief

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March, Friday the 19th 7pm – Saturday the 20th 7pm.


We are forming several 4-person teams and shooting competitive rounds (Vegas – Worcester – Portsmouth – Brays) round the clock for 24 hours straight. Team scores will be kept as a running total and the winning team (highest score from all archers in all rounds) gets bragging rights for the next 12 months. We have not as yet decided if there will be a prize.


We are raising money for Sport Relief, donations gratefully received here:

How you can help:

We need archers (members only) to join us and shoot, but if you can’t do the full 24 hours why not get sponsored for a single Portsmouth round on the Saturday? For junior members, we will be having a single Portsmouth round competition on Saturday morning so get you name down and get some sponsorship from your mates at school.

Anything else?:

Yup, we are also holding a have a go session on Saturday afternoon between 3-5PM charging 50p for 3 arrows, all proceeds going to charity so bring a curious friend who always wondered what that archery lark was all about.


Members who want to join us or in any way help us out (we are also looking for corporate sponsorship) contact Julie, Dee, Lloyd, Paul, Linda, Cath, Mike or, Chris, details on the contact page.

3 thoughts on “Sport Relief

  1. catherine says:

    Come on everyone – join the team at !
    Big thank you to Glynn for being our first sponsor!
    If everyone in the club raised just £10 we’d almost reach our goal and raise enough for eg 25 Tanzanian street children to be able to go to school.
    But we can do better than that! Howay DCA!

  2. Peter W says:

    Come on you lot, it’s so easy, even I managed to do it!
    Get a sponsor form & get scrounging!
    We also need more people to make up the 24 hour teams!

  3. Linda T says:

    Finally getting over the sleep deprivation, what a great day, existed on caffeine and adrenalin for 24 hours! The money raised so far is wonderful, and there’s more to come. WOW we really are the best.

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