Bowling, Bowling, Bowling….

The Scores on the Doors?

Aggregated over 2 games:

1st:  Derek 288

2nd:  Mike 273

3rd:  John 239

The rest, in no particular order:

Davy 225

Adam 178

Julie 205

Dennis 176

Jude 165

Lloyd 190

Alison 172

Mr Alison 225

Dee 198

Peter 204

Catherine 216

Denise 173

Jane 222

Clearly the recurvists were cheating in some way, and the compounders suffered some crippling equipment failures, you know how it is …. That said, seems like everyone had a pretty good time all in all, and we eagerly look forward to our next social gathering. See you there :)

3 thoughts on “Bowling, Bowling, Bowling….

  1. Davey says:

    Can I put my bowling score in for the postal league this month (pleeese)

  2. Christine says:

    A very big thankyou to Dee for organising a really good night out at the bowling alley…………… time I’ve had there yet…………looking forward to the next night out.

  3. Julie Ryan says:

    I think the recurver’s maths is as dodgy as the excuses that Paul gives for not hitting the target! Darn that means me too, darn this split personality thing!

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