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Just a reminder,
In regard for the 24hr shoot.
If possible could anyone bring along raffle prizes on Tuesday night.
Also if anybody would like to support those shooting in the 24hr shoot, by bringing along food for the archers shared table on Friday.
All contributions will be gratefully received.

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Attention coaches and assistant coaches!

This Friday (the 12th) there will be a meeting held by our coaching coordinator to look at coaching within the club, and what we could do going forward. All coaches and assistants are welcome to come and provide their input, regardless of their experience.
The meeting will be upstairs in one of the classrooms from around 6.30pm.

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A few reminders
The 24hr shoot is in a couple weeks.
Firstly, anybody who wishes to participate, please return your forms by the 16th.
Secondly, there will be a buffet for those who are participating, so please organise to bring something with you for the table.
Thirdly, we will need raffle prizes, which can be anything.
Thank you

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4 weeks ago

Durham City Archers

Appointment of coaching coordinator

As part off the club's coaching initiative, our newly qualified Level 2 coach Victoria Hann has been appointed by the committee as the club's coaching coordinator.
Most of you will be aware that coaching forms have been available for the past few months, which we will still request to be filled in.
An email has been established to facilitate ongoing communication between the coaches and those who have requested coaching.

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It's a 10.