DCA Barebow AWards

Barebow Indoor Classification Scheme

This is an exciting new opportunity for our barebow archers to achieve another level of classification during the indoor season.  During the outdoor season, all bow styles have their own unique scores which define their classification level.  However, current Archery GB indoor classification tables have no adjustments for barebow/longbow archers.

To address this, DNAA have recently launched the Blaze award scheme for longbow archers.  Details of this scheme are in the classification folder.  However, no additional schemes were created for barebow archers……until now! Let us introduce to you…the Shield Awards!

After a long process of calculations and reviewing current adjustments, DCA have complied new indoor classification scores for barebows.  This scheme is unique to DCA and is being launched for the first time in January 2018.   You can use this as a stand alone scheme, or as well as the current Archery GB scheme.

How to take part….

  1. Shoot any of the recognised rounds during a club session and score your arrows
  2. Send your best 3 scores of the season to the records officer.
  3. Receive classification badge at the end of the season

It’s that simple!