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New Editor.

Hi folks, just to let you know that both Lloyd and myself are now co-editing the Durham City Archers website.


If there’s any news or events that you would like to post at then please e-mail me davey@durhamcityarchers.orgĀ and I’ll add it to the site.

Best Wishes.


Davey Ryan



New Stuff

Couple of changes to the site:

Note up there on the nav bar is a link to our calendar, which will be kept up to date with all the events from the region and from our club. you can even subscribe to a feed from that calendar and use it to synchronise your iCal or Outlook calendar so it gets automatic updates over the internet.

In the links on the right there you will now see a link to Archers Mate, use it to quickly calculate your handicap or classification for any score.

I can also recommend archery score pad as a nice way of tracking your progress over time. Check it out.


I am steadily adding to our flickr group, but it would be great if more members could join up and get uploading. Come on folks, lets see what you have tucked away on an old memory card, or hidden at the back of your hard disk.

Heres something I took tonight, to get you all thinking….


Ok you lot, “This be where we get our archery on” may very well have struck me as funny earlier on but it wont do as a long term thing.

Lets have some suggestions shall we?

My first (humourous) thought was:

Durham City Archers : Taking Archery Seriously

but I couldnt keep a straight face long enough to type it, can any of you do better?