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Badges for all!

Ok folks, the coaching squad have had and idea, and the idea is this:

We are going to start shooting regular rounds outdoors and recording scores for all members who want to take part with a view to getting a classification for every member who wants one.

The way the scheme works is, if you make 3 scores on a recognised round of a certain standard or above, you can apply for a classification which comes with a cool little badge you can stick on your quiver.

We have found the shortest and therefore most convenient round to shoot for the basic classifications, and it is a Warwick (and Short /Junior Warwick) and it’s only 4 dozen arrows at relatively short distances (40/50/60 yards) depending on which one you shoot.

We have already started this process on Saturday and have a good few classification scores already and will hopefully be having more on a regular basis until everyone who wants to gets the badge they are after.

3rd Class Badge
3rd Class Badge

If you want more info on the classifications click here or feel free to ask Paul, Greg, Julie or Lloyd.

Good luck, and good shooting everyone :)

Welcome New Archers

A Message from our Treasurer:

“I feel I ought to congratulate all archery club members who gave up their valuable shooting time to coach recent learners. They converted 90% of the learners into fully fledged members. Well done guys.”

So well done to our coaches and welcome to our new members :)

Outdoor Season

Will archers please note the following points to keep in mind during the outdoor season.

  • Six arrows are to be shot at a time.
  • Care must be taken to ensure that if six arrows are shot, six arrows must be collected from the target; this is not just for the benefit of the archer, it is a requirement of the Grand National Archery Society and the insurance.  We must find all ‘missing’* arrows as the field is a shared ground.
  • All archers are required to help look for ‘missing’ arrows as a common courtesy to other members of the club. Members must keep in mind if it was their arrows that were ‘missing’, they would want everyone to help with the search.
  • Everyone must adjust their sights for shooting outdoors. If you are not sure of how to correctly adjust your sights please ask for assistance.

I would like to take the opportunity to explain that Durham City Archers will begin the outdoor season on Tuesday 14th April, weather permitting. This means that we will be shooting outdoors from this date, on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. The indoor venue ( i.e the hall), is not an option during the outdoor season apart from the use of the toilets. The school has agreed to allow us to use the indoor venue on a Friday or a Saturday if the weather is inclement. This will be a group decision that will be made at the beginning of the session; it is not up to the individual archer. The hall is not available for us to use on a Tuesday evening. See you on the shooting field and I wish you all the best of luck!

*’missing’ refers to an arrow that has missed the target and landed on the ground or in the ‘green’ as you may hear it being referred to.

DCA. Didn't they do well?

Congratulations to the DCA team today, cracking results:

Lloyd Pattison – 2nd Gents Compound

Mike Mcgowan – 3rd Gents Compound

Julie Ryan – 3rd Ladies Compound (first comp entry with a compound bow)

Catherine Lowden – 3rd Ladies Recurve

Congratulations also to Andrew Frankish and Anne Todd who managed to make new county records and take first place in Gents Compound and Ladies Longbow respectively.

Bowling, Bowling, Bowling….

The Scores on the Doors?

Aggregated over 2 games:

1st:  Derek 288

2nd:  Mike 273

3rd:  John 239

The rest, in no particular order:

Davy 225

Adam 178

Julie 205

Dennis 176

Jude 165

Lloyd 190

Alison 172

Mr Alison 225

Dee 198

Peter 204

Catherine 216

Denise 173

Jane 222

Clearly the recurvists were cheating in some way, and the compounders suffered some crippling equipment failures, you know how it is …. That said, seems like everyone had a pretty good time all in all, and we eagerly look forward to our next social gathering. See you there :)

Outdoor Season Cometh!

From our Secretary:

Important Dates to Make Note Of:-

On Saturday March 21st the club will be holding the final postal league shoot for the indoor season of 2009. All members are welcome to come along and take part, as in past months when we held previous shoots.

I would also like to take this opportunity to let everyone know that we will going outside in the middle of April , beginning outdoors on Tuesday14th Aprilstarting at 6pm and continuing to shoot until 9pm or until it gets dark whichever happens first. Can I please remind all archers that outdoors, six arrows are to be shot at any one time instead of the three that are shot indoors at the moment. All cars can be parked on the field behind the sports hall during the archery sessions on Tuesday and Friday evenings from 6pm till 9pm and Saturday from 11am till 3pm. As much assistance as possible will be required to set up the field for all members, at the beginning of each session as well as at the end of each session to put the equipment away. I would also like to remind everyone that they must find their arrows when they miss the target as it is a shared field and we do not want anyone falling onto or just finding one of your arrows. Please make certain that you collect the same number of arrows as you have shot. It will help to speed up the process of finding lost arrows if all archers help in this search.


I look forward to see you all shooting outside and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for good archery weather. GOOD LUCK everyone !!!


It’s just like archery, but with big heavy balls.

And pins. And beer. And silly shoes.

Ok, maybe its not that like archery, but it is fun, and it’s what a good few of us will be doing on Saturday night down in Durham.

Obviously, the one way in which it will be similar to archery is that we Compounders will totally howk you Recurvists, just like we usually do.

Its ON.


I will report on Sunday just how badly we hammer the recurve crew, watch this space…