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Newsflash: DCA Novices rule!

Congratulations to our novices who kicked ass today at the DNAA Novice Championships!

Pete Linstead, 3rd, Gents Compound

Steve Twicross, 2nd, Gents Recurve

Warren Tate, 1st, Jnr Compound

Sandra Fleming, 1st, Ladies Compound

Steve Gafney, 1st, Gents Compound

Denise Scrivens, 1st, ladies Recurve

Well done to all of you. You Rock!

Update: The photos from the event are now up in the Gallery, check them out.


Huge congratulations to the ladies of the DCA recurve team for their clean sweep af all the bling at the Morpeth indoor today!

1st place (and a new PB) for Cath Lowden
2nd Place Deirdre Kennedy
3rd Becky Green

In other categories Linda Thompson took 3rd in Ladies Longbow and Mike McGowan took third in Gents Compound.
Well Done everyone.

Badges for all!

Ok folks, the coaching squad have had and idea, and the idea is this:

We are going to start shooting regular rounds outdoors and recording scores for all members who want to take part with a view to getting a classification for every member who wants one.

The way the scheme works is, if you make 3 scores on a recognised round of a certain standard or above, you can apply for a classification which comes with a cool little badge you can stick on your quiver.

We have found the shortest and therefore most convenient round to shoot for the basic classifications, and it is a Warwick (and Short /Junior Warwick) and it’s only 4 dozen arrows at relatively short distances (40/50/60 yards) depending on which one you shoot.

We have already started this process on Saturday and have a good few classification scores already and will hopefully be having more on a regular basis until everyone who wants to gets the badge they are after.

3rd Class Badge
3rd Class Badge

If you want more info on the classifications click here or feel free to ask Paul, Greg, Julie or Lloyd.

Good luck, and good shooting everyone :)