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Your search on login details must have brought you here. You must be either starting with the login on this router IP address, or must be facing troubles. Whatever be the case, let us assure you that there is nothing to worry. We have everything sorted for you, from the steps to login to the steps for troubleshooting. And if you want to know more about the IP address, then again you won’t be disappointed. This article will be a bible for you before you go ahead with login. Are you not excited to explore this IP address even further? We are sure, you are!

What is login? is the IP address that is used by most routers belonging to certain models in order to identify themselves on a particular network. This is one of those addresses which belong to “16-bit private network address space”. These addresses are reserved only for use in the private networks. There are a total of 65,536 addresses in this address space and this proved to be too much for the networks meant for small homes. A typical small business or a house will use only a part of it and most routers have the range to reserved for their network.

Moreover, is also reserved only for transfers of broadcast data, which sends data to every computer in a network. This makes to be the last address usable in the entire range. This makes login even more interesting. has been reserved for identifying network and could not be used much. Hence, if you have a router using as its IP address, remember that there are 253 more addresses that can be used.

Brands using

The following brands are known to use

Alcatel modems
A few models of Linksys Routers and Modems
DSL modems by Westell
Routers and modems by 3Com
Modems and routers by Billion
Gateways by Netopia Cayman
Before configuring your router or modem, do make sure that the IP address is known correctly. You will get access to administrative interfaces only if you connect to the correct IP address.

Steps for login

First, ensure that the IP address of the router is correct and is nothing other than Unless the IP address matches with this, you won’t be able to connect to the Admin page.
Once this happens, go to the web browser window and type in the IP address.

Type in router login in the address bar and click Enter.

If the IP address is correct and this matches with the IP address of your router, you will be redirected to the login gateway. The login gateway will have a form asking for your credentials. You will have to enter your username and password in the form. If the credentials are correct, you will get access to admin page.
However, if the credentials are wrong in any case, then you will have to refer to the router box or have to troubleshoot the issue using the steps we will share in the next section. If you get access to thee admin page, then shout “Bravo” as you can make any desirable change to the internet settings.

Kik for pc Download – Windows 10

A lot of people love to keep in touch with their friends and family only through phone calls. But today, most numbers of people are slowly getting in the habit of keeping in touch with their near and dear ones through different types of apps. After Skype, an online video conference calling system, WhatsApp, online chatting and calling app, Facebook, a social networking site, you will find the latest addition to these line of apps. It is the KIK for PC messenger for Computer.

This app is an instant messenger application for people’s mobile devices. It is a device from a Canadian Company KIK Interactive. This app is available free of cost in Android, iOS, Windows Phone operating system.

KIK for PC – Free Download Windows 10/8.1/7 and Mac

This messenger is modeled after the Blackberry Messenger and uses Wi-Fi or data plan of a smartphone to transmit and get messages, videos, audio, photos, sketches, mobile web pages, and some other content after the user register their username. This messenger allows people to register without having to give their phone number and prevents users from being located.

The only information known through this app is their username that they have chosen to keep. The KIK Interactive says that until December 2015, it had about 245 million registered users and forty percent of them were from the US. These users are teenagers.

Although this app has garnered some controversies because of reports of involvement in some incidents related to child exploitation, supposedly weak parental control mechanisms and called unsafe due to the anonymity features, it hasn’t disturbed the count of some users. The users’ name and age are not verified leaving them to misinterpret their identity or/and age if they choose to. This anonymity feature has led to a bit of a controversy because of illegal users.

Lucky Patcher APK Download

Do you want to crack android apps which are installed in your android phone? Are you an Android geek who loves to play with your android phone? Well if you are, then Lucky Patcher APK is a must have app for you. Using Lucky Patcher, you can play with permissions of any app in your android phone. It does not matter whether it is third party app or pre-installed app, you can modify any app. Lucky Patcher allows you to Remove License verification, Remove Google Ads and much more (depends upon app actually). Moreover, you can also create your own modified APK as per your requirements which is quite cool feature of Lucky Patcher. Well, before sharing download link of Lucky Patcher APK file, let me explain some of the features of this app first.

Lucky Patcher App Features

I hope you are excited to know what lucky patcher apk can done. Here we have listed lucky patcher top features.

Remove Ads

Are you feeling irritated with any installed app in your smartphone due to Ads? Don’t worry as lucky patcher for Android can easily modify any android app for your benefits. You can easily remove ads from any Android app in few clicks. Removing ads from Android apps will improve your overall experience with your Android phone.

Convert Any App Into System App

Want to keep any app permanently in your Android phone like App Locker?Then Lucky Patcher is must-have for you as it allows you to move any app to system folder (converting any app into pre-installed app, which can’t be uninstalled from Application Manager.

Remove License Verification

Downloaded any paid app for free from internet but you are not able to access it due to license verification issue? Lucky Patcher app can solve this issue within few seconds. This app will apply some custom patches to bypass verification of any Android application.

Backup/Restore Apps + Data

Want to take backup of the important data of your apps? Then try it’s Take Backup feature. It will save backup of your Android app in external file which you can store in your PC/Computer or on Cloud. Later in the case of data loss, you can use it’s restore backup feature to restore that application with all of it’s data.

Move Apps To SD Card

Want to install any large size Android apps like Oxford Dictionary or any Android games like GTA Vice City in your Android phone but not able to install them due to low storage issue? This app allows you to move any Android app/game along with it’s data/obb files in the SD card of your Android phone.

Do In-App Purchases For Free

Stuck in any Android game due to low number of coins, gems or any other resources or want to buy add-on in any Android app? Then Lucky Patcher is your money saver friend which will help you in doing in-app purchases for free.

These are some features of lucky patcher apk. You can use this app to remove license and buy in-app purchase for free. What you need now. Go and get it.