Club officials

The club is overseen by an elected committee, all club member are eligible for committee positions subject to being elected at the AGM.

Elected committee for 2019/2020

Chairman: Paul Graham

Club Secretary: Jenna Goat

Treasurer: Dave Johnston

Beginners Liaison: Darren Goat

Tournament Officer: Matthew Hann

Assistant Tournament Officer: Sharon Tideswell

Records Officer: Victoria Hann

Child Protection Officer: Carole Rowland

Equipment Officers: David Hann & Phil Mackey

We also have a host of coaches within the club, many of whom are qualified Archery GB level 1 & 2 coaches.  For details on coaching within the club, visit our coaching page.

Archery GB qualified coaches.

Victoria Hann – Level 2

Darren Goat – Level 1

Shane Ward – Level 1

Alan Turner – Level 1

Chris Spencer – Level 1

Niamh Chalmers – Level 1

 Assistant Coaches:

David Hann

Keith Rowland

Carole Rowland

Bill Walton

Liam Rooney

Mike Cusson

Carole Cusson

It's a 10.