Kik for pc Download – Windows 10

A lot of people love to keep in touch with their friends and family only through phone calls. But today, most numbers of people are slowly getting in the habit of keeping in touch with their near and dear ones through different types of apps. After Skype, an online video conference calling system, WhatsApp, online chatting and calling app, Facebook, a social networking site, you will find the latest addition to these line of apps. It is the KIK for PC messenger for Computer.

This app is an instant messenger application for people’s mobile devices. It is a device from a Canadian Company KIK Interactive. This app is available free of cost in Android, iOS, Windows Phone operating system.

KIK for PC – Free Download Windows 10/8.1/7 and Mac

This messenger is modeled after the Blackberry Messenger and uses Wi-Fi or data plan of a smartphone to transmit and get messages, videos, audio, photos, sketches, mobile web pages, and some other content after the user register their username. This messenger allows people to register without having to give their phone number and prevents users from being located.

The only information known through this app is their username that they have chosen to keep. The KIK Interactive says that until December 2015, it had about 245 million registered users and forty percent of them were from the US. These users are teenagers.

Although this app has garnered some controversies because of reports of involvement in some incidents related to child exploitation, supposedly weak parental control mechanisms and called unsafe due to the anonymity features, it hasn’t disturbed the count of some users. The users’ name and age are not verified leaving them to misinterpret their identity or/and age if they choose to. This anonymity feature has led to a bit of a controversy because of illegal users.