Records problem

Hi All
I am experiencing a problem with the records program and so if everyone can send me there personal bests for any of the following rounds you may have shot, please include your name, bow type, date shot and where shot that would be most excellent – , the rounds are:

Gents FITA
Double FITA
Long Metric (Gents)
Long Metric (Ladies)
Short Metric
Ladies FITA
Double Ladies FI

Metric 2
Double Metric 2
Metric 3
Double Metric 3
Metric 4
Double Metric 4
Metric 5
Double Metric 5
Half FITA (Gents)
Half FITA (Ladies)
FITA 900
70mtr FITA
50mtr FITA
Double York
Hereford/Bristol 1
Double Hereford
Bristol 2
Double Bristol 2
Bristol 3
Double Bristol 3
Bristol 4
Double Bristol 4
Bristol 5
Double Bristol 5
St. George
Short Windsor
Junior Windsor
Short Junior Windsor
New National
Long National
Short National
Junior National
Short Junior National
New Western
Long Western
Short Western
Junior Western
Short Junior Western
New Warwick
Long Warwick
Short Warwick
Junior Warwick
Short Junior Warwick
St. Nicholas