Outdoor Season!

From Saturday April 30th, all club sessions will be held outside on the sports
field adjacent to the hall.

From this date, until September, no shooting is allowed indoors unless severe weather makes outdoor shooting
dangerous or very unpleasant.

Shooting times are as normal.

For new members who have not shot outdoors at Durham City Archers, here are a few notes to help you along.

1.       Targets:  Targets and stands are stored in the brick building behind the sports hall. When putting up targets outdoors, please ensure to peg them firmly to the ground to stop them blowing over.  When you’ve finished shooting, if no one else is using the target, please help to put it away.

2.       Distances:  After shooting 20 yards indoors, the longer distances outdoors can look a bit daunting at first. Standard distances are 40, 50, 60, 80 (all) and 100 yards (Gents), 30, 50, 70 (all) and 90 metres (Gents), but other distances can be set up for novices and juniors so if you want a to set up a target at your preferred distance, please feel free to do so when it is safe or ask for assistance from other archers.

3.       Etiquette:  Because of the distances shot, arrows quite often miss the targets and have to be found in the grass. If someone loses an arrow, please let everyone know straight away and can all please help them to find it. If at the end of a session an arrow cannot be found, please inform one of the Committee members as all arrows must be accounted for. We can send out teams with metal detectors, but if still not found it must be reported to the school and to GNAS.

4.       Safety:  Despite warnings, members of the public often walk behind the shooting line. Remember that an arrow can cause harm at a great distance, so be vigilant and don’t be afraid to call “FAST” if you see anything dangerous.

If you have any other questions about shooting outdoors, just ask one of the experienced archers, they’re always happy to help.


Enjoy your shooting.


Secretary: Durham City Archers