DCA End of Season Shoot

Well, all good things come to an end and summertime is no exception. To ease us into the indoors we will be having our annual end of season shoot on Saturday the 11th. Details below:

DCA End of season Albion /  Windsor / Junior Windsor (9doz 80-60-50 / 60-50-40 / 40-30-20)

11 September;

Assembly 11:15 Sighters 11:30

DCA Members only.

Entries will be informal, so just show up on the day. If the weather is good we will be having a BBQ. If you need any more info grab one of us and ask :)

1 thought on “DCA End of Season Shoot

  1. Dave Johnston says:

    End of season shoot– great fun. All you members who elected not to participate, take my word, you missed a great day. Oh, and Lloyd cooked us all some mean food too.
    Roll on next outdoor season.

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