DCA Worcester '09

Just a quick post to thank everyone who came down to support the club, both shooters and helpers.

We hope you all had a great time as we did, and will join us again next year, now scoot on over to the gallery and have a look at the photos.

Have a great new year everyone.

2 thoughts on “DCA Worcester '09

  1. Darth Joolz says:

    Yep thanks everyone, most excellent post Xmas time ever combining 2 of my loves – archery and scran, woo hoo! great company, great organisation, great day :-) x

  2. JewelsB says:

    A great meet and laugh. We had a brill’ time with you thoroughly nice lads ‘n’ lasses back in my home place! Will drop in on you one club night when I’m visiting family. Lookin’ forward to the next rip roaring time – you’re a great bunch of folks! Thanx to all.

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