From Our Secretary:

That time of year has come around yet again, and I’m writing to let you know the shooting fees for the Grand National Archery Society are now due to be paid. The deadline for this payment is 10th September, 2009. Money should be paid to Dave Johnston. The amounts are as follows

Juniors £23.50
Adults £40.00

If the money for your GNAS fees has been paid this year please check with either Christine McGowan, Dee Kennedy or Dave Johnston to see if any further payment is due.

I would like to take this opportunity to tell everyone that the club will be officially starting its indoor season on the 11th September. Would all archers please remember that indoors, the club only shoots on a Friday evening from 6.30pm till 9.00pm and Saturday from 11.00am till 3.00pm, not on Tuesday evening. When shooting indoors, three arrows are shot at each end, not six an end as is done when shooting outdoors. Compound Archers are only to shoot on triple spot faces (the ones with three separate target faces in a vertical line) pinned onto one of our thicker straw bosses. This is to prolong the life of the bosses, target stands, and your arrows.