Demonstration Videos

Hey guys, some of you may have noticed I have updated the compound video in the about archery section of the site but the recurve & longbow ones are really old and we have no video for flatbow. I would like to ask for some of you to get some nice new videos in high definition uploaded to youtube so we can showcase good form on the site. Just a upload a video of you shooting an end and drop me an email with a link. If I get lots of submissions I’ll rotate the videos on the site so everyone gets a go.

Obviously this is for DCA Members only…

Compound Postal Scores

Compound archers, I will be coming after you all again shortly for scores for the postal league.


Our first match in October was a Bye so this week will be the match for November Vs Cleadon.  In December we are against Killingworth, then Houghton in January. March will be the final against whoever wins the B league.

Good luck toour opponents. You will need it :)

It's a 10.